• Tennis Techniktraining: Module Volley
  • Tennis Technique Training: Module Volley
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We present our new tennis technique video: “Tennis Technique Training- Module: Volley”. In this masterpiece of tennis training, we will accompany you on a journey that will elevate your understanding and mastery of the volley stroke to a whole new level. Our main presenters are Michael Kreuzer, a renowned certified coach and former chief instructor of the Hessian Tennis Association, along with Martin Kares, an experienced former Men’s 30 Bundesliga player, who will guide you through the fascinating world of tennis volleys.

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Together, we cover all aspects of the volley, ranging from the forehand volley to the challenging backhand volley. But that’s just the beginning – we not only show you the basic stroke mechanics but also demonstrate various types of volleys, such as the low volley, the high volley, the topspin volley, the drop volley, the volley lob, and the half-volley.

With breathtaking super slow-motion footage, we immerse you into the technique, allowing you to dive deeply into every aspect of the shot. In the practical section, we share our extensive knowledge on how to learn the volley and how to teach it optimally to others. We address common issues in volley play and provide solutions to perfect your skills.

Furthermore, we answer all your burning questions in a comprehensive FAQ section. To round it all off, Martin Kares will showcase a sample training session tailored for children, making it an absolute highlight!

Our video spans an impressive 107 minutes, divided into 42 chapters, offering you a structured and in-depth learning experience. Even if English is not your native language, you can easily follow along, as our video has been professionally subtitled.

Get ready to elevate your tennis skills to the next level and master the art of volleys. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, this video will inspire and motivate you.

The video features professional translations, so it is also suitable for non-German speakers.

Video content:


Preliminary considerations
01 When and where will the volley be played?
02 Description of the classic volley situation
03 Three differences to the groundstrokes

The stroke process

04 Grips
05 Ready position

The forehand volley

06 Stroke preparation
07 Stroke execution
08 Point of contact
09 Footwork and forward weight shift

The backhand volley

10 Grip for the backhand volley
11  Stroke preparation
12 Stroke execution
13 Point of contact
14 Footwork and forward weight shift
15 Special tip for the volley game

Stroke demonstration forehand

16 Demonstration of key elements
17 Drop volley
18 Swinging volley
19 Volley lob
20 Half volley
21 Low volleys
22 High volley
23 Different execution in professional tennis
24 Common forehand volley faults & solutions

Stroke demonstration backhand

25 Backhand volley – Key Elements
26 Drop volley
27 Swinging volley
28 Volley lob
29 Half volley
30 Deep volley
31 High volley

Practice: learning the volley

32 Systematic steps to introduce the volley shot
33 What happens after the split-step?
34 Drills for the volley game
35 Technical approach for young players
36 Methodological tips for the volley

Frequently asked questions

37 What’s the difference between volleys in singles & doubles?
38 How has the volley game evolved over time?
39 When to switch from two-handed to one-handed volley?
40 Should kids start with a double-handed backhand volley?
41 How can I take away the fear of the volley from players?
42 Which grip in ready position should I use?

Practical example – practice lesson with kids




Runtime: 107 min.
Resolution: 1080 HD
Language: German
Summaries: Includes illustrated summaries of backhand technique in English and German as PDF download.
Subtitle: Professional:
German / English
Italian/ Spanish
French / Greek



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