• Tennis-Einzeltraining - 160 Übungen für Trainer & Spieler
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Get your inspiration for your tennis training now! Former Bundesliga Men 30 players Martin Kares & Timo Goebel present: Tennis Singles Training – 160 drills for coaches & players. Take your tennis training to a better level. 160 drills, 28 chapters – almost 2 hours running time, professionally filmed and translated. Grab your racket and go!

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Verkauft von: Timo Goebel
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  1. Tennis Singles Training – 160 Drills for Coaches & Players is the first professional training video by former Bundesliga Men 30 players Martin Kares & Timo Goebel. In the nearly 2-hour training video, the two coaches present 160 tennis drills for singles training in 28 chapters. In addition to the practical part, Martin & Timo discuss important aspects of singles training in the theoretical part and furthermore give tips on what to focus in the drills. The video is recommended for the ambitious tennis coach, but also for beginners who are looking for new inspiration for their training. But tennis players can benefit from many drills as well and try them out in their own training, e.g. with a training partner.

The video includes all important aspects of singles training, e.g.: warm-up, warm-up in the small & large court, coach feeding, tactics training, kids training, match training & fitness. A detailed description of the content can be found on the official website of the video. The video is professionally recorded, includes German and English subtitles, professional music and a table of contents that allows you to easily get to the desired part in the video.

The video features professional translations, so it is also suitable for non-German speakers.

Video Contents:


  • Running Drills
  • Coordination Drills


  • Service Court
  • Baseline
  • Rhythm Exercises


  • Ground Strokes
  • Net Approach
  • Volley / Smash
  • Slice / Dropshot
  • Winning Stroke

Hand Feeding

  • Ground Strokes
  • Stroke Frequency
  • Reaction Drills

Game Opening

  • Serve Training
  • Return Training

Tactics Training

  • Angle shots
  • Offensive play
  • Defensive play

Match Training

  • Match Drills

Kids Training

  • Kindergarten
  • Running ABC
  • Technique Acquisition
  • Technique Application


  • Stabilization
  • Speed Drills
  • Coordination Training
  • Strength & Endurance


Runtime: 111 min.
Resolution: 1080 HD
Language: German
Subtitle: German / English


3 Bewertungen für Tennis Singles Training – 160 Drills For Players & Coaches (DE / EN)

  1. Costas Poulos (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I am a club trainer and I got the video because I often have one-on-one sessions in my training. The video has helped me a lot to get more out of my training. But what really impressed me was the technical implementation. I can’t remember any exercise video that shows exercises with such action. Also, the small inserts from the first-person perspective are great. The translation is very professional – I could understand everything, even it`s german language. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Alexander Wolf (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Mega Content! Great Job guys :-)!

  3. Arnaud Papouin (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Great video!
    Super helpful when I started teaching tennis.
    Please keep the videos coming, thanks !

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