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Improve Your Coaching: Watch Tennis Drills on Tennistraining-Online

Welcome to – your tennis platform for coaches and players. We offer you a wide range of tennis drills that you can use for your tennis training.

How can benefit you?

Our platform is primarily aimed at tennis coaches who are looking for sample drills and suggestions for their tennis training, but also at tennis players who want to take their tennis training to another level.

Tennis Drills Online? What´s the idea behind it?

We want to show the widest possible range of tennis drills that you can perform in your training. On this platform you will find drills for kindergarten children, as well as for juniors and adults. You will also find tennis drills for small and large groups, good and not so good players, beginners or advanced players, large and small groups, singles training and much more.

It is important to us that you do not see the drills performed with the professionals of tomorrow. Rather, our tennis videos show the everyday life of a tennis coach who has to work with less talented players who hit the ball into the net, as well as with talented players. This shows the realistic everyday training of a club coach. However, the drills can often be adapted to upcoming professionals and top players.

What types of tennis drills can you find on our portal?

Tennis Training Online is divided into several sections. Are you looking for tennis specific fitness drills like coordination, stabilization, agility and speed? Or are you looking for warm-up drills for all kind of players? We also provide a lot of ball hitting drills like coach feeding or stroke warmup. Then you will find here what you are looking for.

There is also a youth and adult section where you can choose from different categories. Among other things, you will find tennis drills for 2-4 players, tennis drills for advanced players, single training, as well as drills for larger groups and the Green Stage for junior players of tomorrow.

We have dedicated a separate section to children’s training, as these tennis drills are often more specialized. Here you can find the red and orange stage, as well as the kindergarten training, ball school or hand eye coordination drills. Playful learning with a lot of fun can be found in the fun games section. A player who has fun in the tennis training will learn faster.

The “Drill of the Week” series on Youtube has also been very popular. This series will be continued on our portal under a new name (“Drill Time”). Here individual drills are presented and explained by Martin Kares. These videos are recorded in German but will be supplemented with English subtitles.

What is the advantage of compared to Youtube?

On our platform you can search for specific tennis drills for your tennis training. With a good category structure and tag system you can quickly find your tennis drills.

What is the advantage of free videos to premium videos?

On our platform you will find a free and paid offer of videos. The free videos are mostly imported from Youtube. The premium content is only available to visitors with a premium membership. The videos are streamed from our own server, contain detailed drill descriptions, tips and hints for the drills, and are professionally accompanied by music. For selected drills, there are also sketches of the exercises for download.

Who is behind Tennis Training Online?

The platform was created by Martin Kares, tennis coach from Germany, former Bundesliga Men 30 player. Martin has been a club coach, district coach and licensed DTB B coach for many years. Martin is also active on Youtube and has been showing his training videos online already since 2019.

And now we wish you a lot of fun while browsing through and discovering Hit the ball and let´s start practicing.