Tips for Tennis Coordination Drills

Tennis Forehand Drills

When doing tennis forehands drills it is important to use the correct grip posture to have optimal control of the racket. The forehand should be executed with a semi-western or continental grip posture to hit the ball with more power and spin. On tennis forehand drills, care should be taken to have good forward motion to increase power and add more momentum to the stroke.

The forehand should be executed in a fluid motion with the club arm extended and the shoulders rotated to achieve the proper hitting position.
Also, care should be taken to hit the ball correctly for precise placement and good spin. It is important to hit the ball in the optimal hitting zone, which is at about hip height.

The direction of the shot should also be well chosen to put pressure on the opponent and win the rally. Another important factor at tennis forehand drills is stamina and endurance. It is advisable to train regularly to improve the strength and endurance of the muscles and to stay on the ball longer.

Mental training should also not be neglected in order to stay concentrated and focused in stressful game situations. You should pay attention to correct grip, good forward movement, precise ball striking technique, stroke direction, conditioning and endurance, as well as mental training to improve your forehand in tennis.