Tips for Tennis Coordination Drills

Tennis Net Approach Drills

At Tennis Net Approach Drills good positioning at the net is crucial to effectively counter the opponent’s shots. The coach must make sure that the player moves to the angle bisector. Hitting technique is also an important factor that the coach should focus on.

The player should be able to play fast and precise volleys and also master different stroke variations to surprise the opponent. As a coach, you should help the player improve his hitting technique and prepare him for possible situations at the net. In addition to technique, conditioning is also a crucial factor when attacking the net.

A good coach should therefore recommend specific fitness exercises to his protégé and prepare him for long rallies and physical strain. Only in this way can the player remain active at the net and win the point.

On tennis net approach drills also the mental strength is an important aspect that a coach should promote in net play. The player should be able to focus on the point and not be rattled by mistakes or the opponent. As a coach, you can help the player improve his mental strength and teach him how to react quickly to mistakes and recover quickly if a point is lost.