Tips for Tennis Coordination Drills

Tennis Backhand Drills

When doing tennis backhand drills it’s crucial to identify the player’s specific weaknesses and strengths in their backhand stroke. This can be done through observation and analysis of their technique, footwork, and overall performance during matches or practice sessions.

Once you have a clear understanding of the player’s needs, you can design drills that target their specific weaknesses while also building on their strengths. The drills should be progressive and challenging, but also appropriate for the player’s skill level and physical abilities.

provide clear and concise instructions for each drill, emphasizing the key elements of a proper backhand stroke such as proper grip, footwork, and follow-through. Additionally, coaches should encourage players to focus on consistency, accuracy, and technique over speed and power.

Coaches should provide feedback and encouragement to players throughout the drills, highlighting areas of improvement and acknowledging progress made. This can help players build confidence and motivation to continue working on their backhand skills.

What skills should a player have for a good backhand?

A player should have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the backhand stroke, including proper grip, footwork, and follow-through. They should also have good coordination and balance, as well as the ability to move quickly and efficiently around the court.

A player should have a good sense of timing and judgment, as backhand shots often require split-second decisions and adjustments. They should be able to read their opponent’s shots and anticipate where the ball will be coming from, as well as react quickly and accurately to unexpected bounces or spins.

You should have mental toughness and focus, as backhand drills can be physically and mentally demanding. They should be able to maintain their concentration and stay calm under pressure, while also having the drive and motivation to push themselves to improve their skills over time.