Tips for Tennis Coordination Drills

Tennis Special Strokes Drills

As a tennis coach, there are a few tips I would recommend when performing tennis special strokes drills for specialty strokes such as backhand overhead or half volley in tennis. One effective way to teach these techniques is through a visual demonstration. Here, I show the players what these strokes should look like and demonstrate myself if necessary.

It is important to adjust the difficulty of the drills to the level of the players to ensure they are sufficiently challenged without being overwhelmed. Repetition and feedback are essential to ensure that players are performing the techniques correctly. Therefore, I encourage my players to repeat the drills over and over again and give them feedback on their movements and strokes.

Game-based training is another way to help players practice and refine their specialty strokes in realistic situations. To provide variety and challenge, use variations of drills, including different placements, speeds and angles. On tennis special strokes drills to emphasize the mental aspect of the techniques by stressing to players the importance of concentration, relaxation, and confidence in their abilities.

Therefore, both group and individual training should be integrated to ensure that players receive sufficient individual attention but are also able to practice their techniques in a group setting.
Techniques such as the backhand overhead shot or half volley in tennis require patience and time to master. As a coach, you should be patient and encouraging, reminding players that progress is gradual.