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Tips for Tennis Coordination Drills

Tennis Lob Drills

At tennis lob drills it is important that the player uses the correct technique to lift the ball over the net. The racket should be wielded with a strong upward motion to move the ball up and back. The player should make sure that he uses the lob at the right moments.

For example, a well-placed lob can be used to throw the opponent off balance or into an awkward position. However, it is important that the player does not use the lob too often, otherwise it becomes predictable and the opponent can adjust to it.

It is also useful to practice lob training in different situations to prepare for different types of opponents and styles of play. This includes, for example, lobbing forehand and backhand shots as well as lobbing high and low balls. Lastly,

it is important that the player also pay attention to their fitness and stamina when lob training, as lobbing can be physically demanding. The player should therefore focus on building up good fitness and regularly work on his fitness in order to be able to lob successfully in longer matches.