Tips for Tennis Coordination Drills

2vs1 Tennis Drills

When doing tennis 2vs1tennis drills, coaches should encourage communication between the players. The player who is playing alone should be vocal about where they want the ball to be hit, and the players on the other side should listen and try to accommodate those requests.

Consistency is important during the 2vs1 drills. The goal is to work on specific skills, so players should try to avoid deviating from the objective by trying to hit too hard or too soft. All three players should be constantly moving around the court, trying to get into the best position for the shot they need to make.

The player who is alone should try to cover as much ground as possible to make it more difficult for the other two players.
To keep things fresh, coaches should mix up the shots and the strategies.

They can try hitting the ball to different areas of the court, using different types of shots, and switching roles between the players. On 2vs1 tennis drills coaches should encourage a positive atmosphere and congratulate each other on good shots. Tennis is a sport that should be enjoyed, even during drills.