Tips for Tennis Coordination Drills

Tennis Dropshot Drills

On tennis dropshot drills is important that the player has a good position to be able to hit the ball. This includes a stable stance position and sufficient back and forth movement of the body.

In addition, good ball control is crucial in order to stop the ball in a targeted and controlled manner. The player has to recognize the ball early and reacts quickly in order to have enough time to stop the ball. A relaxed wrist movement is also important to give the ball the necessary control.

In addition to technical execution, the tactical component of the dropshot is also important. A well-placed dropshot can surprise the opponent and throw him off his rhythm.

Therefore, the player should also choose the right situation for the stop ball and place the ball accordingly. Finally, it is important to practice the dropshot regularly to improve technique and get a feel for the ball. A consistent practice routine can help improve the ability to play dropshot and be more successful in the game.