Tips for Tennis Coordination Drills

Tennis Drills For Kids – Orange Stage

Tennis drills for kids in the orange stage will be play with 50 % pressure reduced tennis ball and on midfield size tennis court. The Orange Stage is a phase in tennis for players aged 8-10 which is set by the ITF in the “Play and Stay” concept. This stage focuses on developing playing skills and improving basic techniques.

Players should learn to coordinate their strokes and movements and move safely on the court. An important focus is on learning the different stroke techniques, such as the forehand and backhand stroke and the serve. Particular emphasis is placed on proper technique to avoid bad habits later on.

In addition, the players should also learn to recognize the various game situations on the court and act tactically smart. This includes, for example, reading the opponent and placing the ball. In addition to technical and tactical skills, physical development also plays an important role.

Players should learn to improve their physical skills such as coordination, speed and endurance. Overall, then, the Orange Stage is about laying the playing foundations and preparing players for the rest of their tennis careers. The focus is on enjoying the game and encouraging the players to continuously improve.