Tips for Tennis Coordination Drills

Tennis Endurance Drills

When performing tennis endurance drillsit is recommended to start with basic endurance exercises, such as jogging and running, before progressing to more complex drills. This helps build the necessary foundational skills that players need to move efficiently on the court.

Incorporating interval training into the drills is also beneficial, as it helps players to develop their endurance and recover faster between points. This involves alternating periods of high-intensity drills with periods of rest or low-intensity drills.

It is important to vary the drills by changing the direction, speed, and intensity of the movements, to keep players engaged and challenged. You can also incorporate footwork drills that simulate match situations, such as changing direction quickly or moving to the net.

While performing the drills, it is important to emphasize proper technique and form. This helps players to execute movements more efficiently and with less effort, thereby conserving energy and improving their endurance.

Encouraging players to stay hydrated and properly fuelled before, during, and after the drills is also important for maintaining their endurance. Finally, providing feedback to players on their performance during the drills helps them to identify areas for improvement and adjust their technique accordingly.