Good preparation is the key to the success of any player. When the player works with a coach it is important that tournament schedule and training are well coordinated. The coach should have a plan of what he will go over with his student before a tournament and should provide the best preparation for the player.

Match Preparation: The Starting Situation

The player has a tournament the following day. The coach does not go to the games of the player himself, but should ensure a good, preparatory training the day before, so that the player goes into the tournament with a good feeling.

In the following I will give you 7 tips on what you should pay attention to in this situation.

7 Tips for Coaches on Day-Before Tournament Tennis Practice

  1. Speek to your player! You should review the player’s game plan: Coaches should review the player’s game plan and make sure they have a clear strategy for the tournament. They should work with the player to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and develop a game plan that maximizes their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.
  2. Monitor the player’s physical and mental state: Coaches should keep a close eye on the player’s physical and mental state, making sure they are not overexerting themselves in practice or feeling overly anxious or nervous about the upcoming tournament.
  3. Ensure the player is properly fueled and hydrated: Coaches should make sure the player is eating a healthy diet, staying properly fueled and hydrated, and getting enough rest before the tournament.
  4. Provide guidance on warm-up and stretching: Coaches should provide guidance on how to properly warm up and stretch before matches to prevent injury and ensure the player is ready to perform at their best.
  5. Help the player stay focused and mentally prepared: Coaches should work with the player to help them stay focused and mentally prepared for the tournament, providing encouragement and support while helping the player stay in the right mindset to perform their best on the court.
  6. Create a training plan for the training session the day before that includes important strokes and does not overwhelm the player. The player should leave the training session with a good feeling and give the player a sense of achievement.

Preparing for a Tennis Tournament: Lesson Plan for Success

For tip 6 I recommend you my video “Tennis Full Practice Session: 1 Day Before Tournament“. In this video I show you a training session where a player has a preparation for a tournament the next day. The video consists of a few sample drills that train as wide a range of strokes as possible.