Welcome to tennistraining-online.com – Your tennis platform for coaches and players.

Hello, and good that you are here. Welcome to tennistraining-online.com the new tennis platform for coaches and players. On this platform you will find useful training tips and tennis drills for coaches, but also match tips and technique drills for players. The platform is operated by me (Martin Kares). I am a tennis coach and former Bundesliga Men 30 player from Korbach. On Youtube my videos have already been clicked over 1.000.000 million times with over 10.000 followers. To continue to provide you with high quality and useful training videos online, I have realized tennistraining-online.com.

What are the advantages of tennistraining-online.com in contrast to Youtube?

On tennistraining-online.com selected videos will be published for you free of charge, just like on Youtube. From now on you have the possibility to find the right training drills for your coaching lesson on my platform. All exercises are logically divided into categories and with the tag system you can filter for specific exercises. This makes it very easy for you to find the right drills for your tennis training. In addition, premium content is now available.

What is the advantage of the premium videos?

With a paid membership on tennistraining-online.com you can now stream all premium videos. Premium videos are selected videos that, unlike on Youtube, can be viewed without advertising on the one hand, and are professionally translated on the other.

Why do I have to pay for the training videos now?

The good thing is that of course I will continue to offer a lot of free content. My goal is to continue to provide training videos via Youtube for free. As I’m sure you can understand, creating training videos is a lot of work. Not only the recording, but especially the editing of the videos, translating and dubbing tie me to the screen week after week. Since training videos are also viewed only relatively briefly, the advertising revenue from Google is not enough to cover the running costs. So that I can continue to help you with free videos, this step was without alternative. Therefore I hope for your understanding and support in the form of a membership.

Which further contents will come?

I am currently working on my first own courses. These will be professionally filmed and will offer you even more input than what you already know from me. Be patient, as soon as there is something solid to report, you will find it here.

I wish you a lot of fun on my new platform and hope that it will help many tennis players out there.