In tennis, not always an aggressive and offensive game is successful. A defensive style of play can also lead to success. In the following, I will tell you my 5 best tips for a defensive style of play:

  1. Agility: Agility is the key to defense. You should be able to react and move quickly to reach balls that would otherwise be out of reach. Practice running laterally to react quickly and reach the ball.
  2. Focus on placement: when playing defensively, focus on placing the ball in your opponent’s court. If you can place the ball, it will be harder for your opponent to make aggressive shots.
  3. Slice: The slice is a shot that is often used for defensive purposes in tennis. The slice is often considered a defensive shot because it keeps the ball flat and slow, which makes it harder for your opponent to make aggressive shots.
  4. Backhand: When playing defensively, you should focus on your backhand, as this is often a more stable hitting option than your forehand. Try to place the ball on your opponent’s backhand side to keep him off balance.
  5. Patience: when playing defensively, you need to be patient and wait for your opponent to make a mistake. Do not try to play too aggressively or take too many risks, as this can lead to mistakes.

Watch the video 5 Defensive Game Tactical Drills to see how you can practice defensive game in your tennis lesson.