Tennis Fun Games are a popular diversion in your tennis training. In this video, it’s all about fun in the training session. I’ll introduce you to 45 fun games that are perfect for playing against each other, earning points and crowning a winner at the end of the day. Not all drills have to do with tennis, it’s mainly about tennis, skill, footwork, fitness, coordination and reaction. Optimally you play this fun game as follows:

Whoever wins the first game gets one point. Game two is for two points, game three is for three points and so on. The players draw a new game after each round which is then played for points. The player with the most points is the day’s winner. Use these fun games at club anniversaries, Christmas parties, birthdays or tennis camps and you will have a lot of fun. To complement this video, I recommend my follow-up video: “35 Tennis Fun Games Part 2“.

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